Melba Distribution


- Prosecco: a top italian prosecco. - behugo: sparkling wine flavored with lemon, mint and elderflower. - beberry: cranberry flavored sparkling wine. (5,6°alc). - besprizz: With its fine orange flavor and its slightly tart finish coming from the addition of bitter herbs, BeSprizz is reminiscent of classic Italian aperitifs. Alcohol content is only 5.6%. - berhubarb: rhubarba and strawberry. (5,6°alc) - besecco: a surprising italian italien. (10,5°alc) Our cocktails are made of 100 % natural ingredients, free of flavour enhancers, colorants and preserving agents. The results are excellent and trendy aperitifs of premium quality. Well-rounded in flavor and bottled in our distinctive aluminium bottles, all our JustBe cocktails stand for a stylish taste experience, made for the special moments in life. 100% naturel - 5,9 % alc/vol


Metal bottle 20 cl Glas bottle 75 cl